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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Geneva, Switzerland

Okay.... You must be wondering how many towns they cover in one day!!!!
I had some problems with Internet connections so I'm loading several postings on a same day :-)

After Annecy, we overnighted in Verchaix (France), very close to Mont-Blanc and a ski resort of Le Grand Massif.

What a great little chalet with a perfect view over the valley!!! Now the only issue until that day had been the heat wave that was lingering over Central Europe. Well.... That night we got a relief of it in a form of a GREAT thunderstorm!!!! Let me just say... We didn't sleep that well that night. On top of it all, by morning it had turned into a light drizzle, and we were sleeping soundly, until we were woken up very soundly too - by a next door church bells that first rang 7 times (well... It was, after all, 7am). Then few seconds later, another 7 chimes.... Maybe the bell ringer has dementia and he forgot that he had already chimed the bells??? Or maybe he rang them too early and had to rang them again???
Then few minutes later the bells went off again - in a crazy, no orderly ringing, forever lasting dingdongdingelidong rampage. At the end, Tom and I were lying in bed laughing! 

We tried to sleep again, but the bells kept ringing every half an hour - so we got up, went for breakfast and headed towards Geneva (back to Switzerland)

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