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Sunday, 20 September 2015

If I had only known what I got myself into...

My beautiful niece turned 1 last week and we had already bought her a present but thought that she would really benefit from something that would have wheels (she is not yet walking but can stand up against a support)

I looked around.... Cars... Cars.... Nothing pretty or non-plastic :-(
So I went online to see if I could find something there. And I did!  A hedgehog! Cute as a button... But they only had a smaller size and I thought it to be quite expensive. So... Being handy and having s dad that is good at woodworking... I figured we could EASILY make one ourselves... Heh heh
Here is our inspiration 

So here is the process in pictures

At this point I realized I might have chewed a bit too large bite :-)
How on earth can I make this pile of fabric and bathroom rug to look like a hedgehog!!??
To me it resembled more of a beaver or water rat...

We covered the rod with plastic garden hose and made a leather sleeve from an old skirt

Final product!!!
And I have to say... It looks pretty darn good!!

And here is my darling niece riding the hedgehog... Note the cute hat I made for her too :-)

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