Thursday, 25 January 2018

FINALLY some crafting!!

LOVE that new Painted With Love paper!!! and check out those PRETTY butterflies!!!

Okay, I know it's been awhile since my last blog post. I returned back to Canada on January 7th, but have been recovering from a VERY bad cold ever since. I actually got sick a week before Xmas, and I STILL have a cough!!! And I've seen a dr, got some meds, but still... it just lingers on.

But I must be getting better, since I've been crafting for the past few days!!!
Well... actually I've been busy finishing off a night stand (once it's at its fully finished, I'll post it here).

So this blog post is about crafting.

Yesterday I made a Wi-Fi sign for our guest bedroom. From this picture I blurred out our network name and password, but on the print they are printed with a very easily readable 'PT SERIF'-font. This way there are no questions about what letters, capital or lower case, and numbers there are in the password. You know how some fonts you cannot tell if it's a lower case L (l) or number one (1). But I found on 'PT SERIF'-font it's very clear. I used My Memories Suite 6 -program to make the sign (this is similar to the old Stampin'Up My Digital Studio program (same program developer), but since Stampin'Up got rid of the MDS, I upgraded to My Memories Suite, which gets updates regularly.
(You can still use the old MDS files in this program... too bad you cannot get the new Stampin'Up! images for it).

I also decorated the plain white frame with Washi Tape. The tape is from the latest Holiday Catalogue (no longer available). And the font visible in this picture is 'Jane Austen'.

I've also been playing with the new BRUSHO Crystals (available in the new Occasions catalogue, p.26). The BRUSHO Crystals are Watercolour ink crystals!!
So you can either sprinkle them on the paper and add water (either by spritzing or with a brush, depending on what effect you want), or you can add water on your card stock and THEN add the crystals. The cool thing is that you never know what kind of result you get. Okay, sometimes it can be annoying, as you want to create a certain kind of a background, and the end result is totally different.

On the picture you can see the pink and orange versions. They are created with a brush (smoothing the colour after adding water and the crystals). The others are done either by adding crystals and spritzing the paper, or by adding water with a brush and then sprinkling the crystals on it.

The biggest problem for me with these is that I have to WAIT!!! So I tried different kind of techniques, then let them dry until the next day (you don't need to wait THAT long, but I didn't have the time/energy that evening to finish them). So the hard part was to go back to the created pieces and trying to figure out what to make out of them. You can also add new colours after you let the original piece dry. I have a card coming up on that also.

So here are few cards waiting to be properly photographed in my lightbox. You can see the pink and the orange one used here (oops, one of the cards had decided to open too much... I guess you just have to wait few days to see it).

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