Friday, 13 April 2018

furniture upcycling projects

So, this spring I finally decided to tackle some of the furniture painting and upcycling projects I have postponed.


I picked up this dresser few years back in our neighbourhood. It was in pretty bad shape, needed some frame work and the top was totally gone.

So I took both sides off, replaced them with new wood, sanded the whole thing, strengthened the structure and painted it all. 

The interior was bright red and I wanted to go white, so it took a good primer and several coats of white paint, but I finally got it there. The doors and the sides have been painted with Fusion Mineral Paint. 

It is still missing a top, as I need to add some bookshelves to the ends to make it double the size. Then it will serve as my kitchen island.


The next project was a small nightstand. The surface of it was in pretty bad condition, so I decided to paint it and wanted to try some decoupaging on this piece. The sides had perfect rectangular shapes, that I could fill with paper. Looking it now, I think I should have painted the piece lighter, as the contrast between the decoupage paper and the piece is a bit hard, but this is what it is now.


The third project was an entryway storage bench. We keep our grocery bags in this unit, and it can also be used as a bench (a bit high, but works for taller people).


Then I made a small entryway side table out of an old white floating shelf. It needed extra support as if you would lean on it, it would have fallen off the wall, so I bought some prefab legs from the hardware store and painted them the same colour as the shelf.


I also painted another side table at our entryway (you think one side table would be enough, but we actually have 3 tables and the storage bench in our entryway!!!)


Then I wanted to test Indian Inlay Stencil. I knew it is a bit finicky, but I didn't want to try this stencil on a major piece of furniture without practising with it first. This was the first piece of stencilling, where I did more than just the top. I found it was tricky to keep the stencil on its place, specially on the narrow legs. So I would next time use a stencil adhesive to keep it down better. I guess I should also work with my patience. I'm always in a rush to get the item ready, so I'm really having hard time waiting for the previous stencilling to dry before tackling the next section.
IKEA chair painted with Fusion Mineral Paint and Indian Inlay Stencil


And then I did something for my craft room also. I did an new tabletop out of an old desk top. I painted it with Fusion Mineral Paint and then stencilled a lace pattern on top of it.

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