Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Renovating my old dollhouse

This is not my dollhouse, but mine was exactly like this!
So I shipped my old dollhouse to Canada few years back. Took it apart, removed some old the previous renovation wallpapers (that I did as a teenager in the 80's).

It has stayed in the shipping package since then. Now that my niece is coming for a visit in few weeks time, I had to get the dollhouse back together.

So I sanded all the pieces and removed any leftover glue or wallpaper and then painted the walls. One of the upstairs room got a copper metallic paint (I used Fusion Mineral Paint as my paint). The other upstairs room is Sterling (light gray)
Downstairs backwall is Inglenook.

Two of the dividing walls got wallpaper (just some scrapbooking paper) on one side. I left one of the dividing walls out, got more of an open plan downstairs. 

I also added one window in the small downstairs room. That was designed as a washroom, but since I no longer have any bathroom pieces (and when I was a kid, my dolls didn't really go to the bathroom...) I figured I'll turn it into a small bedroom.

The floor was made from coffee stir sticks (thinner and narrower than popsicle sticks), which were really easy to cut to size with craft scissors (I used Tim Holtz scissors). I also used the coffee stir sticks as baseboards.

The staircase railing broke on transport, so I removed the piece that had the remnants of the spindles and used a piece of paint stir stick as the railing. It's probably not to 'code' (fairly low), but makes it easier to move the dolls up the stairs ;-)

Finally furnished! Might have to paint the balcony railing....

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