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Monday, 22 February 2016

Couple of new gadgets in my studio

As some of you might know, I'm working on starting my own online craft store in the next little while. Yes, I know that is very broad expression, but I have no exact launch date set. I still need to work on to create more items to display on my store (ETSY based). For this, I needed to get some new gadgets for my craft studio.

First, I needed a photo cube. A 15"x15" light box, where I can take better pictures. Okay, this limits the size of objects I can photograph but I'm working on a set up to take pictures of larger items than the cube allows (toddler dresses tend to be longer than 15"....), but the cube should house my nursery mobiles.

Foldio - foldable studio from Photojojo
The cube has 2 LED light strips at the top and the brightness is easily adjustable. The cube also comes with 4 back drops: white (shown in the picture), green, black and grey.

Some of the images in my previous posts have been taken in this cube. The light reduces shadows and gives a neutral background for the object. I love my new 'Foldio'.

An other gadget I needed, was a drill guide. For the life of me, I cannot drill straight holes in wood :-)
the drill always goes here and there. I did find a drill guide from Lee Valley, that would guide my existing power drill straight down, but that's all it would do for me. So I did some research and ended up ordering a Dremel 'mini drill' and a matching stand from Amazon.
Note: the prize of a smaller Dremel drill from HomeDepot would have been approx. the same price and the stand would have been double price. These shipped from Montreal for FREE!

The drawback with Dremel is that I can only drill small holes (at least I haven't been able to find larger drill bits for it yet), but I can make the holes (that are now straight!) larger with my regular drill. What Dremel gives more, is all the other features like cutting and sanding!

So give me few days, and I can display some items I have made with this Dremel :-)

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