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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Handmade Gifts, Day 11

 I've wanted to do one of these pouches ever since I got this Summer Smooches Designer Fabric. I have a bread "basket" in this style and thought that I'd like to get couple of smaller pouches for keys and other nick-nacks.

This is not too big - the bag is approx. 5" wide and about the same hight.

Took me some time to figure out how to do these, but I finally managed it.

What I did, was I cut a template from paper for the bottom circle. Then I measured around the edge of the circle. In this case the circle is 36cm/14-1/4".

I then cut 2 circles out of matching fabrics and 2 rectangular banners (36cm long each, about 7" high.

I sew the two rectangular banners on the long seam, ironed them flat and stiched the edge to make it crisp. Then I adhered the circle to the matchin fabric. At this point you would have a cylinder shape, with the side seam open. I stiched 90% of the side seam (in-side-out) and then turned the pouch around and hand stiched the rest.

I love how it has two sides and you can turn it around if you wish. I'm going to make another one with Orchard Harvest Designer Fabric (the striped and the pear patterned ones) and one with the Comfort Cafe fabrics.

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